indi vs. meme

though i've already rest my case and admit defeat that my daughter dressed better than me, still I can't help but felt a teeny tiny of jealousy because how can she wear shorts and shirt but still manage to look cute and adorable? And even in messy hair too.

anyway, here are my evidence that she won in this battle.

exhibit 1.
indi: yellow short/white shirt/and cardigan = trendy and fun meme: stripes cardi/white shirt/and denim short = boring much?

exhibit 2.
indi: rocking the chambray trend. meme: half-decent looking in maxi and crop stripe shirt. 

exhibit 3.
indi: in polka dot dress and gold shoes = baby chic meme: floral short and black shirt = blah

exhibit 4.
while short and tank top is (almost) meme's daily uniform indi rocks the tutu skirt even just running errands with meme and going to the library. stripes and dots = tres chic 

still not convince yet? here's some more.

this girl pose better than me too!!! very effortless, dear. 

so I hereby sentence myself to work and be an apprentice for my daughter until she will learn how to dress herself.  

full disclosure: 
this post was inspired by my newly learned skill in creating collage using photoshop, I know lame. but this girl gotta practice, right? 

thank you for being lame and wasting your time with me though. 

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  1. She is just stunning! And quite the fashionista.
    You look great yourself girl!

  2. She is so adorable! She definitely has some great style.

  3. Your daughter is absolutely darling! That last little outfit? So cute! I love your maxi skirt with striped top too!!

  4. like mother like daughter! I love this post :)


  5. SO CUTE! I love the last pic with the purse, belt and CUTE shoes!!

  6. Okay she is just adorable! I especially love the first two photos of you guys! Such a fun post!



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