in style. what we wore

lately i've been documenting our outfits because it has been really fun dressing up my toddler and she's always game with taking ootd shots. if you follow me on instagram you definitely have seen these photos. i tell you there's really no big deal with our outfits and what we've been wearing are not even j. crew, gap, or even zara! and we don't do match-matchy (not yet) but i make sure we're color coordinated or the same stye (like if i'm wearing dress she's wearing dress too, she prefers that way).

'naf said, on to the fun parts. or shall i say the reason why you're here?

again, we're not wearing j. crew (because it's seems like that's the only brand people have known these days). so don't be disappointed and don't say i didn't warn you. ;)

coloured jeans day. 

it was shift dress kind of day. hello, summer! eye bags and messy hair, sorry about that. hehe!!!

denim shorts + strips what's more summer than that? 

black and white with a pop of pink and yellow. 

i will surely update this post as we progress with summer. 

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  1. You baby is adorable. Great blog.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Maxi Skirt and Leather Jacket'.


  2. You two are adorable! The green pants/green shirt combo is my favorite!

  3. I love your style! And those green pants!



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