in a word. move

this blog has moved to a new platform. though I have been fine with blogger but I was itching for a little change. i'm still keeping this blog but will no longer be updated, please visit me at so you'll be up to date with the new content.

be sure to bookmark my new blog address and say hi. :)

see you there!

still life. 50/52

pajama party.

you had your first pajama party over the weekend as one of your activity at school. here you are waiting for your dinner to be served. watching you makes my mama heart swell with so much pride and joy, you've become independent and mature in less than a year of pre school. 

way to go little one. 

still life. 49/52

gym buddy.

no class for you today, so off you go to the gym with me. i like that your taking interest in gym and exercise at a very young age. i guess we're setting a better example to you at this field? haha!!!

still life. 48/52

my cheeky litol twinkler.

you insisted on wearing your accessories to school today; necklace, bracelets, shades, and all that jazz. though i have to take out everything before i let you inside the classroom because it's a no, no inside. 

still life. 47/52


"how long will i love you? as long as stars are above you, and longer if I may." - ellie goulding, how long will i love you 

still life. 46/52

werk it, girl.

*apology for the quality of this photo, i took it in a very low lighting and using and an iPad too.

you asked me to take your picture and this is how you work in front of the camera. not bad, girl or i may say you strike a pose better than me with your facial expression and all. 

will you be a model someday? whatever you choose, meme and daddy will be right here to support you. 

still life. 44/52


we recently got you a toy blender so after school you've been making meme and daddy a smoothie. cupcake on smoothie? i must try it one of this day. ha! 


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