Kanino ka Bumabangon?

A month ago I went home to Cebu to process some papers for my Tababski. On my 1 week stay there, I saw this  ad on TV. It's from Nescafe's Classic new ad and it's called "Bangon". The message of their ad is to whom do you get up to? Is it your work, friends, strangers, or your family.

Having a little family of my own now, it gives me a new meaning in life. It gives me a new purpose, it gives me reason to live and to get up everyday. If before I only get up because of my husband, my family, my work. With my tababski around she gives me another reason to get up every single day. She reminds to be strong everyday. My tababski gives me reason to be sane and to stay sane! And I'm telling you, girls and boys, it's a BIG reason to get up to.

I get up everyday because I owe that to my DH and to my tababski.

What about you, who do you get up to? Is it your newly purchased clothes? Is it your work deadline? Or  is it your trip to neverland that you've been planning for months? Kanino ka bumabangon?

Here's a copy of that ad.


  1. great ad.. i was asked the same question by my colleague too. :)

  2. :) like the ad too.. what was your answer then? hehehe share!



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