about us

we are the q's. family. and this is our (mis) adventure in life. 

meme is jeands. wife. stay at home mom (for now). shopping aficionado. tv series  addict. 

daddy is nino. husband. father. graphic designer. lover of all things creative. vegan. (once) a yoga instructor. T1 diabetic. highly opinionated.

she is indigo. daughter. tababski. indigobaboy. talkative (very). mischievous. mini fashionista. strong headed little girl. ipad addict. 

so, why mi amor?
answer: mi amor is a Spanish words for my love. Mi amor is what my husband and I call each other. or sometimes it's love. Love is what we also call to our daughter. And because this blog is for my daughter and DH who is away in Singapore for work I decide to name this little space mi amor.

This blog is for my two loves in life.

welcome! and come waste your time with us. :)


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