What I want

What do I want to do? I have been asking this question to myself lately.

So what do I really want to do? Maybe I want to quit my job, learn how to sew and be a dressmaker for my  Tababski. And finally materializing the business idea I have in my head for a long time. Maybe climbing the corporate ladder isn't for me. Maybe I'm good to be just a domestic goddess with some part time cool jobs on the sides.

Sure, I want to see the world. I want to know it myself that Angkor is beyond its wat. I want to have sleepless nights from watching all the broadway and musicals in the City of New York. I want to experience the adrenaline rush of bungee jumping then scrape my skin that zorbing in New Zealand gives me. I want to wear sari's and tell myself that India is indeed incredible. Never mind if I gained weight eating all the delicious crepes in Paris just as long as I'm placing my order in French.

Maybe I want to croon while climbing the hills of Machu Picchu until I have no air in my lungs. Get mesmerized and puzzled how the statue of Easter Island and the Pyramids of Egypt was built. Or rub Buddha's face inside the stupas of Indonesia. Discover the beautiful architecture in Alhambra. Smell the fresh berry fruits in Prague market.

Or maybe I want to actually learn surfing in the waves of Hawaii. Bask myself under the Tuscan sun and walk the cobbled street of Florence. And see the beautiful sunset of Santorini then sleep under the stars in the desert of the Sahara.

Ha, the wonders of touring the world. The prospect of being a dressmaker, business woman, and a chef. Sure, I want to do all this but for now I just want to be a better wife and mom. I just want to be there for my daughter and for my DH. I want to keep them together.

What do I want? Well, I just want to raise my daughter the right way, how will I do that? Hmmm, maybe wiki has the answers?

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