Favourite photos

While looking at my FB albums today I can't help but choose some of my favourite photos of us. Mostly taken by my friend Jhoe and Marmie.

Here's my pick. Enjoy! :D

Pregnancy pic my fave!

we used my friend's room for this shot, her room has amazing wall!

Absolutely my fave shot of her, she's so adorable!

My fave family pic, taken during our picnic/tea party/ photo shoot in Pasir Ris park, SG

I can't stop looking at this photo. Absolutely, absolutely my favourite photo of me and my litol bubba.

Our post-nup pic, Haji Lane is one of my fave place/street here in SG.

Awww... my heart melts everytime I see this photo. I love father and daughter moment. 

After dinner in Arab Street, SG in one of the fantastic shops there. 

I cannot remember what was he telling me that made me laugh like this. Oh well, he always make me laugh. 

Taken when my bubba is just 5 days old. She looks so at peace and pretty here. Definitely a picture worth keeping.  

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