Tuesday in Sentosa

So, last Tuesday was a public holiday here in Singapore, that means no work. My litol family and friends spent the day basking under the sun at Tanjong beach, Sentosa (without the swimming part though).

More often than not the ingredients of happiness are family, friends (really good one), food. A dash of Uno. A pinch of sun and sand to taste. A dash of people watching (a.k.a pang himantay), and drown it with some laughters then you get the best recipe of happiness life has to offer.

friends and family


My life may not be perfect but I'm glad I'm surrounded with people who at least makes it as best as it can be.

the gang

'till out next picnic/beach outing guys, hopefully we can spend it on a nice beach somewhere out of  Singapore, maybe? And thank you for making Tababski's first beach escapade a memorable one (at least for me and the tadadi).

my litol family

Motherhood is bliss.

*Shout out to our ever reliable, talented, official, in-house photographer Jhoe. Thank you for capturing Indigo's first sand encounter. 

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