Seeing her face everyday makes me smile and makes me thankful for another day I am with her. Cliche this may sound but it's true, I never found complete, immeasurable happiness 'till I had her. And today I am still drowning with that pure joy of having her and being her mother. To see her face everyday, to feed her, to bathe her, to make her comfortable, and to make her live is what I am here for.

I stay strong and healthy for you and tadadi. Having you both I'm in bliss.

Linking up with Leigh vs. Laundry  for 52 weeks of Happiness. Visit her site and post a photo that makes you happy.

Happy Thursday  lovelies. 


  1. the happiness that our children bring us is truly overwhelming :)

  2. so true janie, they were like piece of heaven on earth. Haay! happy Weekend.



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