Happy "tadadi's" day

Tababski love, you are indeed tadadi’s little girl. 
The absolute bewitching fascination of your “tadadi” bond, the love you two share, and the way you look at each other are beauties to behold.
And you are indeed tadadi’s doppelganger. 
I adore tadadi/tababski moment like this.
To my DH, happy father's day. I couldn't think of anyone else who could fill the shoes to be tababski's father. 
You are better husband but you are far more better than a father.
We love you sobrah!
And to my father, brother and the rest of the father out there, happy father's day! 

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  1. Hi, I like your post, Very touchy. it's a wonderful relationship between dad and a daughter.
    May her Tadadi live long.
    I found you on voiceboks so thought should say you Hi, and check your wonderful blog. And waste some time with you........LOL
    I am Bushra Syed from:
    So lets follow each-other blogs.



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