The weekend that was

I had a lazy/productive weekend. We mostly stayed at home, save it from going to grocery, walking in the park with the little bubba.

But the highlight of my weekend was, (drum roll please) I finally learned how to poach an egg!!! Up until now I still feel giddy with happiness just thinking about it. I know, I'm easy to please like that. 

I also baked cookies for my little bubba. A blueberry oatmeal cookie which I made from scratch and invented the recipe myself, do I deserve a pat on the back for that? 

As they said, photo will speak a thousand words. So here's my weekend tidbits and I hope you had a well spent weekend with your love ones too.

Did you learn something new over the weekend?

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  1. Your poached eggs and cookies look great! New follower from bloggy moms, have a great day! You can find me at



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