I love being your Mom....

I have been telling you my dear daugher how much it's an issue to me that you are turning one. I mean, goodness tababs, how are you already 1? Was I just pregnant with you? And the last time I blinked you were just few months old, and I was figuring out how to bathe you on my own since Mama Ni (grandma) is already back in Cebu. And we both have this curious eyes trying to figure out this new thing that is thrown our way, was I doing/raising you the right way? Does Mommy know what she's doing? Or does Mommy really knows I'm a human baby and not just a doll, why did she just bumped my head? That closet is quite big for her not to see.

Now, I couldn't say we are both pros in this mother-daughter thing but I'm sure we both already have figured out on what's the best thing to do. Thou, I'm not saying I still didn't bumped your head or any part of your body... unintentionally of course (I'm pretty sure you've figured it out already that your Mom is the greatest klutz of all).

Tababs, the past 365 days have been hands down the most challenging, hardest days of my "almost" 30 years of living. But they've also been the happiest days. I have a thousand and one reasons why I'm loving being your mom but let us just give the reading public a few, the rest I will just whisper it into your ears... promise.

So, here are some of the reasons...

I love how your mouth circles into a small yawn. And oh, the air you release everytime you yawn is the sweetest smell on earth. Not even a French perfume can beat that.

I love the kisses you give me everytime I have my own meltdown. Especially during morning, you really knows that your mother is not a morning person so a kiss will always wake me up.

I love that you are becoming my favourite reason to lose sleep, listening to your little sneezes and hiccups and the sounds you make while you sleep.

I love how you sleep, the paper thin eyelids that beg to be kissed, soft wisps of hair twirling over your forehead. The pouty lips that beg for a goodnight kiss. And of course those acrobatic position never fails to perk up your sleep deprived Mama.

I love it that you are so attached to me, clingy for that matter. But I know this must end sometime soon because I want you to grow up to be independent just like Mom but still knowing that Mommy will always be here for you.

I love how you often hold my hand while you sleep. I love how your tiny fingers fits perfectly on the gap of my fingers.

I love how you motivates me to operate in this world with more patience, compassion and mindfulness.

I love your sweet spirit and the joy you bring to us.

I love how you nuzzle into my shoulder and eventually fall asleep there.

And best of all, I love that you still loves me even though I take myself so seriously and am constantly and consistently messing up. Even though you are still so tiny you remind me, show me that happiness and beauty is there in every moment if I take the time to recognize and enjoy it. I love how you make me proud to be your mother.

*Last 2 photos  by my talented and gorgeous friend, Jhoe whose been doing our photo shot. Next post will be my little bubba's birthday photo session. 

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  1. Awww they grow way too fast! She is so cute and cuddly keep holding her close while you can!



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