Life lately through pictures

The little bubba and I are on our final week before heading back to the Red dot so we are enjoying and trying to make the most of our stay with the grandparents. Play dates with cousins everyday, doing our sorta of "country" walk every afternoon. Quality time with the grandparents every free time they have which I kid you not very rare as they are always busy with their business.

'naf talking, here's what our week looks like...

Monday. The little one refused to sleep anywhere but in my arms, though it'll become painful in the arms, hip, and back after awhile  I love it when she fell asleep on  my arms. I mean, this won't stay for long, right?

Current favourite photo.

She's my favourite reason to lose sleep. I can sleep when she grows old right?

Tuesday. In between play date with her cousin I'm trying my scarf on her head which I believe looks pretty nice on her. She really is a beautiful baby and with that smile that often makes me weak on my knees.

Oh my pretty, pretty girl of mine...

Pretty finds right in my mother's platera. The pot has been in the house even before I was born. And that lovely plates was an heirloom from my grandmother (paternal side). Here's me wishing that I can have all these in my future house. 

My mother's platera is a vintage haven.

Wednesday. Finally, I had my much needed pedicure. Though going to the saloon is therapeutic but having a home service mani/pedi is love. You don't have to worry the queue, the traffic in going to the saloon and not to mention it's quite cheaper too having a home service, at least in my neck of the woods.

Painted my toes in hot pink with some glitters. Je adore.

Thursday. Received a beautiful package from Bopbabybop. I ordered the hair pieces on Monday and I received it Thursday, talk about fast business. And did I mentioned that their hair blings are pretty? Good quality too, handcrafted with love. True story.

I love grosgrain ribbons. And the cupcake clips are too cute for words. 

Friday. The parents/grandparents went to the supermarket to do their weekly round of grocery so the little bubba and I tagged along so we can grab some milk too.

Here we are cam whoring...

I always find it therapeutic walking down the grocery aisle, I think grocery shopping is my favourite errand to do.

Goofing with the cousin while waiting for grandma.

And oh, while we were in the mall I found this sale cart which I ramble in no time. Look what I found...

Cheap thrill! The tank tops are below SGD $2, the stripes one is barely S$1 and the 2 plains are S$1.50! Cheap right? There's no way I can buy in these prices in SG. So, now to embellished those tops.  And that dress are S$2 each baby! I remember I bought a dress in this kind of design back in SG baby fair and I got it for S$15 for 3! Sooo not cheap! And I didn't paid for these dresses, thank you grandpa!!! :) Believe me, my photo don't do justice on the dress, it's pretty nice and the fabric is so pretty. 

And here's a parting shots that made my week.

There has been a lot of smile/giggles/laughter in this household courtesy from this little girl. 

Happy weekend lovelies! 

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  1. Oh she is so adorable! And those dresses are so cute! Everyone needs a good pedicure!

  2. she is precious!!! and those pictures are adorable!

  3. Lovely photos and post! Thanks or sharing! I remember (and sometimes it still happens) my littles ones falling asleep in my arms/on me and I'd realize I was uncomfortable but unable to disturb such peaceful bliss and the snuggling while I can get it.

  4. She is precious! I love those dresses too, I can remember wearing them when I was little! Thank you for stopping by over at Team Skelley! :D

  5. Oh my, you've got a whole lotta cuteness going on in your week! :> Stopping by from beeswithhoney!

  6. Looks like you had a fun and busy week. I love your toes and think pedicures rock. I like to have someone else do them but to save money, these days I do them myself.



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