Life lately

I know, I know I've been slacking on my post lately and missed two Instafridays and Bees with Honey link up. Life has been a tad busy and on most days when the little one takes her nap I sleep with her too.

There are a LOT of photos I've been meaning to share but still haven't found time to edit and upload it, there was our Zoo trip we took early this month. The birthday photo shoot, birthday celebration and Pool/pizza Sunday we had last week. Gahd, I'm really procrastinating big time.

Anyway, here's what's our life looks like lately. Some photo are from last week and snippet of the pool/pizza Sunday we had with some friends.

While running some errand the little bubba passed out on her pram with a fries on her hand.

Playtime at the nearby park and a sculpture of mother and child which I find beautiful.

My little family went a short trip to Malaysia. The little bubba enjoying the train ride. 

I am not a dessert person but this one is hands down one of the yummiest treat I ever tasted. The name of this slip on my mind but this is from Kenny Rogers Malaysia. The warm of the cake and coldness of ice cream is a match made in heaven. The combination made my tongue danced all day. 

I'm loving the soft curls she has, no let me rephrase that I envy her curly hair. 

The beautiful pool at my friends condo. 

Playtime at Ikea, this is a good idea over at Ikea. The kids can play while the parents enjoy their food.

The little bubba with her growing collection of plush toys, they are mostly gifts from her godparents. 

My girl trying out her Flamenco dress, a  welcome gift from her Tito Mario and Tita Kristy from their recent trip to Spain. Photo from Tita Chris phone. 

And for my current favourite thing, a new thong sandal which I got on sale at Rubi/Cotton On for only, wait for it...$5 SGD! Steal! I'm loving the chain detail on the sandal. 

Wow, it's seems like I'm having a "back with vengeance" basing from the amount of photos I have in here today. :)

Oh, well...

Happy weekend lovelies. 

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  1. Love the picture of her with the french fry in her hand! So sweet!

  2. Lovely, and fun.

    Also? I think it's a *good* thing when life gets in the way!

    Enjoy every moment!

  3. I will take some of that dessert.....and some coffee please!!! :)

  4. She is too precious in that red dress!

  5. Oh, my goodness! That top photo made me melt even faster than ice cream on a 115-degree day!

    I'm envious of my son's curls, too.

  6. Love that first picture! And I think we all understand about life interfering with our blogging sometimes. You have pictures to prove that you were busy, busy!

  7. Awwww... you sure are doing such a great job as baby indigo's mighty mommy ateh! :)

  8. Hi Natalie. Thank you. I hope you're enjoying your holiday, can't wait to read and see the pictures in your blog!

  9. So nice to meet you via the internet! What a beautiful little girl you have, and yes, Ikea is the best!

  10. I love that kids can fall asleep anywhere - and with a fry in her hand :)

    The flamenco dress it is so adorable.

    Thank you for the follow - following you back!

  11. Yey, the flamenco dress fits her! :)

  12. love the new look! and your girl looks lovely in her red dress! :)

  13. Looks like you've been busy. Don't apologize for not posting as much or missing out on any blog hops. You're a Mom. We can't do it all and it's nice to take a break sometimes. I love the new sandals and all the pics of your darling, sweet baby girl:)



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