What Travels with Me

Fresh from our recent trip thought I'd like to share with you my travel essentials. My little munchkin and I have been traveling since she's just 3 months and 90% percent of our trips I'm alone with her so I should really plan well on what to bring with me.

Here are my top picks.

1. carrier. This one is Babygearz which I got from baby fair, prior to this one I had 2 different types of carrier which I hated because it is difficult to put on and gives me a lot of back pain. This one is absolute love, it gives me a lot of support so lesser back pain and very easy to put on. I guess this one pretty much the same as the Ergo. And what I also love this carrier is the detachable sling bag, you see the the pocket right there? It's detachable and can be used as small pouch/bag and will reveal a mesh cloth which is more airy for the baby. But during trips I just put that detachable pocket/bag on and put our passports, a wallet, and a small feeding bottle there for easy access.

2. Snacks. The little munchkin like these two snacks, it's tasty but lesser sugar content and organic. Though the Orgran biscotti is quite messy to bring to trips as you will end up with a LOT of cookie crumble but it's quite delish even the DH likes it. Skittles or any sweet but this one is optional, like I only brings sweets when I'm traveling with the DH. DH is diabetic (insulin dependent) and sometimes he will have a hypoglycemia so he needs to eat something sweet. 

3. creams. I always. always have these 3 in my hand carry bag. The little girl's skin easily gets dry especially plane rides so I used Mustela face cream for her face and neck. Physiogel is absolute love, it's I say a multitasking product. I used it as moisturizer for me and for my girl too, nappy cream, and on bug bites. Really, this is amazing product. Nivea hand cream, I have a very dry skin and I wash my hands a LOT so hand cream is a necessity for me. I used hand cream before sleeping too, any hand cream will do for me but I'm currently using this one. 

4. Baby wipes. Need I say more? I think all mommies cannot NOT leave the house without a baby wipe.  And as baby wipes are gentle (alcohol free and unscented), you can use it as make-up remover too. Again, very multitasking product, after all us moms needs a product that would make our life much more easier. Right?

5. Lip balm. At airport and plane I used Kiehl's lip balm, I swear by this product. I cannot travel without this as my lips will easily get chapped when in cold places. Another favourite is Ecotints lip balm, it is lip balm but gives you a nice, soft (natural) color. I go weak in the knees with lip product but as a mom using lipstick is quite difficult to apply especially during trips, so a tinted lip balm is your best friend. Though this one is quite pricey compared to other drugstore lip balm but hey, as the name suggest this particular lip balm is made of 90% organic ingredients. Cruelty free, carmine free, and gluten free. Amazeball indeed.

6. eco bag. Before I had my Envirosax I used any eco bag or canvass bag. Again, I cannot travel with out this or any extra and light weight bag. Very useful during shopping and of course for those excess baggage. What I like with Envirosax is, it's very durable and you can fold it nicely with secure lock so you don't have to worry it getting messy inside your already messy bag. 

Honestly, there are a 1,001 things I bring during trips (traveling light is alien to me) but these 6 are my must haves and has made my travel breezy.

What travels with you mommies? I'd like to know, I might be missing something.    


  1. Moisturizer and lip cream are two key traveling essentials! I'm not a mommy yet but I enjoyed reading about what's needed for the little one :)

  2. I always travel with baby wipes! They come in so handy!!



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