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How is it that it's already 5th of November? Last time I checked it was still October, oh well, I'm ready for November anyway (as if I can stop it from coming).

This week was pretty hectic, packing, and now the little girl is transitioning in the grandparents house. The past four days here was still kinda hard for her as she still refuses to go near to anybody except to her 2 year old cousin, the dogs, roosters, chickens, cats, and the goats that she would fondly try to call them on what they sound like (for cat she would say, meng-men, for dog she would say awww-awww, and for the chickens she'll say tet-tek with hand gestures! I tell you I die laughing hearing and watching her). As the girlfriend refused to go near to anyone this momma here hardly eat a decent meal or any me time. But on a positive note I think the girlfriend and I are more closer than we were before. Case in point.

She sleeps like this. Awww... if only I can bottle this up.

Limited internet access and lesser distractions means plenty of playtime together. 

I told her we'll take pictures to send to tadadi and she gave me her megawatt smile. Cuteness overload.

We bonded in shopping too! I'm pretty sure girlfriend will soon have a serious case of shoe fetish, she never throw fits while I let her try many different shoes and I think if I'll say 10 pairs that would be an under statement. At the end though we settled for this 3 cute little pairs. Now if only that feet of her don't grow too fast.  

And what's shopping without clothes? Look at what we hoarded, rather what I hoarded. DH if you'll ever read this fret not they were all cheap.

That was pretty the highlight of our week here as I said the girlfriend is glued to me so taking pictures is out of the question. 

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