Dear DH

Dear DH,

6 years ago you went to my work place and personally deliver your gift to me, a whole piece of tiramisu cake from then my favourite Cream 'n Bake. That was our first Valentines day together. I love you for not giving me flowers or balloons during Valentines day or on any occasion. I love you for still remembering after 6 years that I still don't like to receive one. I love you for calling me last night and early today to greet us. I love you for making me laugh.OFTEN. I love and miss staying up late at night in bed talking to you or watching movies with you until we...rather you fall asleep.  Thank you for the 6 glorious years of being my Valentine. I want you in every (mis)adventure that this life will trow at me. Thank you for the life we share, the togetherness, the support and comfort you give me. And thank you for our little girl who by the way is growing a lot like you every minute.

I love you sobrah! 

Happy Valentines my tangaobst! I miss having these 2 together. 


  1. What a beautiful post. Happy Valentine's Day to your entire family!

  2. happy heart's day everyday!



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