summer essentials: toddler edition

With the kind of heat we are experiencing in our neck of the woods lately it's no denying that SUMMER is here. Though my least favourite season but it's still better than rainy season, right?  Anyway, as the little girl takes a nap I've spent my time browsing kid's site, clothes to be precise. Oh, how I love all the clothes out there for the little one. And since I'm nowhere near into any of those shops I console myself by making a board just for my darling daughter.  Me thinks that these are what she needs to bear this heatwave. 
I know, I know, you may think that trunki is out of place. I mean, how come a luggage bag part of a summer essential? Well, living in bicoastal (for the lack of term) I think we need this. Also, we are gearing for a mini vacation/family get together in my father's province so yeah, I think we need this. And besides, isn't trunki too cute?

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  1. I am gearing up my toddler fashionably too for the summer! :D And since we'll have 2 summers (one there and the other here) this year, I am also considering trunki in that list! Lots of shorts and short sleeves! If only he knows how to use a slippers then it would be in my list too...

    He's also excited to get rid of all the layers of clothes! From sando, long sleeve tshirt, long sleeve polo, sweaters/pull-overs and jacket!



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