19 months

Indigo love, today you turned 19 months. I have to start counting your age in year and not in months. Everyday when I look at you I am still baffled of the little girl you are becoming. As your daddy would say your attitude and personality were like ours but a lot worse. 

You my little girl have so much personality. You are so tiny but so brave and determined. You are the sweetest girl with a heart for animals and all things little. The other day you were chasing frog and so determined to caught one. And everyday you'll say hi to all the lizard you will see, one time you were eating your dinner and you see a lizard and without hesitation you wave your hand, said hi and "come" as if you are inviting the lizard to eat with you. I wish I have your courage my babe. 

You still like to dance-- no you love to dance. Truth is while I'm writing this you kept stopping me because you are teaching me how to dance. Days like this makes me want you to stay little forever. 

I can't wait for the things we're going to do together. I'm pretty sure mani/pedi date isn't far in the horizon. And tea parties, oh, I can't wait!

As of date your favourite toys are my jewelries, my wallet, my make-up- lipstick specifically, my make-up brushes, and anything that is mine. 

Indigo love, almost everyone here in Cebu said they're going to miss you when you fly back to SG. You know what that means? Because you are so sweet, funny, lovable, and the easiest baby we ever had in here.   

Your daddy and I love you to the moon and back. You are our ever growing glow. 


  1. Happy 19 months! She is so cute! :)

  2. Baby love, you are like your daddy's mini me, sometimes I think that nina would be a nice second name for you! Indigo Nina. But Indigo is very beautiful with or without a second name.

    Ps: Not saying that your daddy Q is gwapo ha! :P ahahahhahahahahaha..

    When I get to have the chance, I will tell you crazy stories about your dad :

    See you soon baby and mommy jeands!
    sad that daddy won't make it. :(



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