we spent our weekend at my fathers province. Though a couple of mishap- broken ship that requires us to move our trip the next day. 2 flat tires, a broken muffler (vehicle) we survived and arrived on our destination in one piece! With sporadic wifi connection my weekend was spent with family, relatives and friends I haven't seen for years. Lots of food, noise, and laughter. It was indeed a happy weekend in my book.

Weekend snaps...

the beach.

my girl and my brother in the lower right corner. 

my brother and nieces being goofy.

mangroves, sea, and the clouds. 

a sliver of rainbow.

my girl | just married... 25 years ago | my niece | my girls feet.

the steps that lead us to the beach | my cousin and her girl | my girl, of course | my mother sitting pretty | the beach and my brother enjoying himself. 

more beach shots. 

The weekend that was. I hope your weekend was as lovely. 

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