color of summer

I finally come to terms that my daughter is better dresser than me. Right now, more than anything I dressed for comfort. Or I think the correct way of saying is I dressed like a mother. Though my cousin beg to disagree because as for her I dressed like my daughter's big sister. Somebody whose still in college, but college was a long time ago more like 10 years ago. Also, me and my high heels are having a cool-off relationship, if there's such a term. I mean, I cannot wear my high heels while chasing my toddler. So most of the days I'm wearing tanks, shorts, and flats for crying out loud! Having said that, I guess it's only appropriate because I am a mother. I chase and carry my daughter mostly.

Because girlfriend insisted on wearing these outfit and wants to play outside so I took my lowly camera and we had a mini photo shoot/play/chase the butterfly.

looking so rad in color blocking.

Side note. Yesterday while I dress up for my doctor's appointment the little girl watched me dress. Here's my mini conversation with her.

I was putting on my jeans.
Indigo: ana! (that's right) ana! (that's right)
Next i put my shirt.
Indigo: No!!! hubo (take off)
meaning she wants me to take off my shirt and change to another top.
Me. I'll just wear this because it's too hot and I want to feel comfortable.
Then I grab my chunky necklace and put it on.
Indigo: ana! (that's right)... wow! nice!
Of course I died laughing hearing and watching her. Looks like I'm not having a best dresser but a stylist in the making too.


  1. Too cute for words!
    My dear friend is in the Philippines right now. They run a school for girls there called F.L.A.G...couldn't help notice that you are located in the Phil as well.
    Her blog is if you want to have a peek!

  2. She loves her pop of color :)

  3. so funny, i posted something this week on my little fashionista and she happens to be wearing a similar shirt as your little rock star!



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