quick post

Just a quick post to say HI to you all. The little one and I are in Mallaca, Malaysia and Yes, I braved the 4 hour coach ride from Singapore to here... all by myself. I know, I'm that courageous. Thank you very much! :)

On a sad note, the little one is down with fever so, whole day today we were under house arrest. I'm praying that tomorrow she will be fine so we can wander outside. 
at Melaka Sentral while waiting for our host to pick us up. 

I will come back for more of our Melaka trip but for now I have to go, I tell you teething and toddler will never be a perfect combination. They will never end up together and will never have a happily ever after story.    They will only leave a mother exhausted.

GTG, I'm due for a shower.  

p.s. the little one turns 22 months today, how's that possible that we are only 2 months shy from her 2nd birthday? happy 22nd month my love! 


  1. I hope you enjoy your trip. Happy 22 months to your little one, I hope she starts feeling better soon.

  2. I hope your beautiful little girl feels better soon. :)Have a wonderful time :)



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