chinese garden

I often said it here that Singapore has some amazing amenities, like easy transportation 24/7, big and clean parks (free of charge), big public pools island wide, and big public libraries! And don't get me started how safe this country is. Anyway, 2 sundays ago we had a family picnic just us 3 at Chinese garden ( a really huge and beautiful garden, it's divided in to two- Japanese theme and Chinese theme). Even it was Sunday the place is not crowded at all because it was that huge.

I don't mean to brag here that my family went to this place or travel to this country. I mean, we owe it to my daughter to bring or expose her to places during weekends because sadly during weekdays though I take her out as much as I can (if the weather permits, weather here in SG is as bipolar as me) but the most I took her are malls, park, and library. So during weekends as much as possible we went to places and do some little activity. I'm just thankful that although we have some financial issues we can still fit in our budget the travels and some wallet friendly leisure.

Enough said, now the fun part... pictures!!!

we haven't explore the whole place yet so it means we are coming back.


  1. Wow! That park is gorgeous!! I would love to have places like that to go!

  2. nice =) haven't been to chinese garden!

    1. you should go and see the place, your toddler will surely enjoy there.

  3. Wow these pictures are really gorgeous!

  4. You guys always have the best adventures! That picnic lucks yummy!

  5. That picnic looks amazing! I think it's important to expose kids to different things and environments. Traveling def. does that.
    And she's such a cutie!

  6. Such great photos! She is too cute for words!!

  7. amazing pics.

  8. You have the most adorable family and cutest blog header I have EVER seen! I just love it! Excited to read more :)



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