after weeks of battling nap time the little one finally take a nap today, hallelujah! so while the little girl nap and in between editing some pictures and eating my lunch I finally manage to squeeze a blog post.

here we go, our life lately in pictures (like some are 3 weeks ago, eeep!)

pool day. post birthday celebration of my friend and Indigo's ninang Tita Kristy. Photo by Tita Jhoe.

yet another slide afternoon before hitting the pool with daddy.  

at marina bay sands and view of Singapore flyer and Gardens by the bay. newly opened dean and deluca. some photo by Tita Chris.

some photo of our Melaka trip (which reminds me I have yet to post about it).

while we're in Ikea the little girl is smitten by this toy kitchen.

last sunday at chinese garden. Indigo love, you are sassy/cheeky, mischievous, happy little girl. These adjectives of yours makes my heart melt, makes my brain crazier, and my life more complicated but I wouldn't want you to be any other way. 

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  1. Aww I love her little kitchen!

  2. Aw she is so cute! You must be a proud mama :)

    Looks like a great weekend. Thanks for linking up with us!



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