what I think and feel at 2:00 a.m.

my desktop clock says it's 2:17 a.m. yet here I am still wide awake listening to my 2 loves snoring. I guess insomnia is kicking me pretty hard. It is always like this every.single.night, I will lie in bed hoping to get some shut eye but after hours of tossing and turning I get up and read a book, watch a couple of movie hoping sleepiness will kick in but 5:00 am, 6:00 am will rolled in and I'm still awake.

tomorrow or should I say later in the morning I'll be sleepy and cranky for the lack of sleep and the little one refuse to nap so I couldn't sleep either.  tomorrow is another day, to tick on my to do list and keep up with the parental responsibilities. tomorrow is another day that will pass by and me feeling that I haven't done much. tomorrow will be another day to beat this sickness, to face this battle I created for myself.
and tomorrow I'd like to believe that...

but for now let me just dwell in this sadness, maybe cry it off because today I'm sad and exhausted. allow me to linger what is today and deal the consequence tomorrow. life is also about living what's today, right?

this post serves no other purpose than to say that, I can't sleep and I'm sad about if. Also, totally jealous of my 2 bedmates who are silently snoring. And then there's the little girl talking on her sleep so instead of being sleepy I'm listening and laughing. 


  1. Insomnia is the absolute pits, I've had it several times in my life where the nights pass so slowly and it's incredibly frustrating but YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT. Hang in there, and get an extra cup of tea.

    Side note: I love your banner!

  2. I go through the same many times. I have sleep apnea so it really takes a toll on me. Hang in there. Try happy thoughts before bedtime. Sometimes it works. xx



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