favorite things: toddler edition

my little girl will turn 2 in 10 days! Seriously? I'm really having mix emotion about that. Because 2 for me means that she's no longer a baby. Heck, who am I kidding. She'll be forever be my baby.

anyway, this post is for her. things that I want her to have. though we already gotten her advance present I still want her to have something to open on the day of her birthday.

these are the things I'm eyeing...

1. Alphabet and animal wooden blocks. The little girl is learning her ABC's and pretty much smitten by animals, methinks she needs these wooden alphabet and animal blocks. But I think I'll have to get her these in Cebu since we are heading again there pretty soon.

2. & 3. Ikea easel, table and chair set. I really, really want her to have the Ikea easel, table and chairs but then again since we are heading back to Cebu we forego getting her those. But maybe our carpenter in Cebu can make her one.

4. Random books. This little girl loves book so much, she will start and her day wanting us to read for her. Or she will keep flipping the book pages and like to look at the pictures. The other day she was asking me to read her The Little Prince, yes, you read it right The Little Prince book! Of course, I'm more than willing to do so. Reality though after second page she got bored because there's no colorful pictures. Oh well.

I always like to add a Dr. Suess book in her collection because this book is something she will still enjoy even she's grown up, just like her Neil Gaiman Blueberry Girl.

5. Skip hop Lady bug kid back pack. Seriously, how cute is this backpack! And as you've know by now this girl of mine is a baghag in the making. I've wanted to get her a Skip Hop for a long time now but when I checked it while we are in Cebu it was sold out.

6. Stack a doodle brick crayons. Coloring or drawing is always part of our day, so when I saw this crayon I'm smitten. Seriously, how cool this crayon block is, just like lego! Perfect for distractions during travel or while at restaurant. This will also be a perfect addition to her Dwell studio scribble kit.  Sad thing is I don't know where to get this aside online. Boo!!!

7. Tiny Toms gold glitter shoes. I admit we just got her a shoes like a week ago and which pretty similar to this one, we got it in Payless and it's silver but I always like gold. This one will also be perfect for her growing shoe collection. Sadly this shoes is way over my budget so maybe her ninongs/ninangs (godparents) can giver her this? Hint! Hint! :D Or if not Toms a Native Jefferson in Fizz green will be perfect too.

I'm still not sure what to give to the little one on her birthday though, I'm thinking just a small thing. a book perhaps? a toy? any suggestions?


  1. Those are cute ideas. They really need to slow down with all that growing up business.

  2. I am on the hunt for an alphabet wooden puzzle for Ms. Ava also. Annnnd, she has those Tom's in silver. I picked them up in Florida this summer :: couldn't resist! 10 days! Eeeek!



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