the weekend file

another busy weekend for us.

*sorry for photo overload again this time, too tired to make a collage.

saturday. we went to singapore botanic garden with friends to do a photo shoot for a little girl who is turning two in less than a week! eep!

here's a peek of what our saturday looks like.

sunday. we had a mini photo shoot again but just indoor at my friend, Chris place as it was raining. After the shoot we went to the city to shove ourselves with food! Chris treated us with Din Tai Fung dinner (the best Chinese food ever! Their xiao long bao is to die for). Dessert was cold stone ice cream.

photos are from Chris instagram and camera which I cheekily stole from her FB. :) Too hungry to take photos. Hehe

the famous xiao long bao, if you have din tai fung at your neck of the woods please do yourself a favor and try this. you'll thank me later.  | shrimp and prawn shao-mai. The secret to eating these is to make sure you don't cut through or made a hole when removing it from the cloth then dip it into a mixture of soy sauce, ginger and dried chili w/ oil (not sure the exact name) and shove the whole piece in to your mouth, yes, you gotta open wide that big mouth of yours and when you chew it the sauce inside the shao-mai is heaven on earth. It is the best, i tell you. 

cold stone peanut butter chocolate ice cream, worth the extra inches on the waist.

it was a gluttonous sunday for us. Thank you Ninang Chris for the treat, this dinner made my tongue dance all night.

how was your weekend?

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  1. Love all the photos and that food looks amazing!

  2. You have taken the best pics in Singapore! Thank you for sharing them! I almost feel like I have been there!!! It's so fun seeing other parts of the world that I know I may never get to! ;)

  3. Gorgeous pics! Can't go wrong with Coldstone :)

  4. Oh boy, everyone is linking up with amazing looking food this week! Looks like you had a great little weekend! Thanks so much for linking up with us ;)

  5. Those gardens are so pretty! And that dinner looks amazing. Glad you guys had a great weekend!

  6. Such beautiful pics! And look at your sweet girl posing for the camera :)

    Now I want some Cold Stone hehe!

    Thanks for linking up!

  7. I would kill for some of that ice cream right now!!



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