fall talk

lets talk about fall. lets talk how jealous I am for all of you out there who get to experience this season. the cool and crisp air, the pumpkin spiced latte, and especially the clothes!!!! Oh my the clothes, jackets, scarves, and boots.

since I live in the tropics and there's no way I can frolic all those appropriate fall outfit let me just obsessed myself and fantasise it. And while the rest of you are wrapping yourselves maybe I'll bare some skin, wear a bikini, bask under the heat of the sun with the ocean waves as my music all these while drinking piƱa colada, maybe the rest of you will get jealous of me too for living in the tropics? Ha!

yes, I'm bitter.

but let's pretend we're having a fall season down here, shall we? I would love to wear all these... of course, we're pretending that I have the height too to be able to pull off this ensembles. just saying.

happy weekend!


  1. Im sorry you do not get to celebrate fall :(. I think its still way to hot where I am. I am so looking forward to cooling weather! Have a happy Friday and be sure to enter to win a gorgeous necklace! .

  2. Lol -- you are too funny. :-) This is a gorgeous outfit! I just love every part of it -- especially that dress and those boots. I would highly recommend that ZARA bag, too -- I received it as a birthday gift this past June and it is still one of my favorite bags! :-)

  3. Girl, you'd rock a fall outfit like nobody's business!

    I hear ya on fall. We don't really have on in Southern California. I mean, I guess it's great that it never gets too cold but I want to see changing leaves!

  4. Obsessed with those boots! Such a fun fall outfit!!



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