twelfth of never

12. 21. 12

they said the world will end today. i'm not even scared because i know it's not true. however, if the world will really end today i want these two to know how much i love them. they mean the world to me. they are my water and fire, my alpha and omega. my sanity and insanity. the equal balance (or the lack of it sometimes) to my  very existence. i am what i am today because of these two.
i want them to know that i love them until the twelfth of never. and that's a long, long time.

you ask how long i'll love you 
i'll tell you the true
until the twelfth of never 
i'll still be loving you

...until the twelfth of never 
and that's a long, long time 

        -twelfth of never, nina simon 


edit: 12:12 in my clock and the world hasn't crumble. i will still get more kisses, belly laugh and hugs from these two. yey!!! 

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