here's some hodge-podge of my thoughts lately because it's fun, right?

first. this little miss is killing me.

attention fashion blogger this is how you should pose. haha

second. i can't wait to finish this book and start a new one, probably this

already on my last 3 chapters, almost there. 

third. on repeat since last night. i'm not a big rihanna fan but love this song. 

"funny you're the broken one but i'm the only one who needed saving."

fourth. this quote is soooo for me.  

i'm such a worrywart ya' know.

fifth. valentines is just around the corner. and though we're not big on V-day celebration. here's somethings i really want to have and because making a wish list is fun also, i have so many things i want and need in life. in short i'm materialistic and i'm not ashamed to admit that. :)

DH is giving us the #1 and i'm already excited for its arrival and i bet the little one will be so thrilled to have this too, she loves dessert and fruits too much. i've been wanting the #2 for quite a while now but just not that sure, what do you think girls, is this a yay or nay? #3 i will definitely get this once i ran out my current conditioner, i'm using the Organix coconut milk shampoo and i love it, love the smell so i bet this conditioner smells divine too. #4 i want, need this because i hate tangled earphones. 

not really a wish list, no? 

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  1. That first picture is just adorable. I love the pose. Your quote about worrying is awesome. I need to remember that sometimes.

  2. Little Miss is too funny! I love the Organix line... smells so good!



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