in a word. mi amor

to my friend then a boyfriend and then a husband. my stylist, dietician, my number 1 fan and critique. to Indigo's tadaddy, OUR mi amor, happy 31st birthday! i know life sucks sometimes but the hell with that because no matter how much life sucks it's still pretty amazing because i or we got you.

mi amor, i may or may not have told you this but seeing you becoming a daddy to Indigo is pretty amazing. It made me fall in love with you all over again and even more. you are truly an amazing daddy to indigo because i've never seen any other dad who is as hands on as you, not even my brothers (sorry kuya and dehya but its the truth). you will easily give up your weekend sleeps for us, you're ready to get your hands dirty just so you can change and clean indigo's diaper. and you even sacrifice yourself to be away from us just so you can provide a better life for us. and for that i will forever thankful. indigo love you so much, i know that because she always said so every time i asked her. i'm not even amaze why she wouldn't be, because you always have patience for her when i have none left. you make her feel secure and loved beyond belief.

happy birthday, mi amor. i love you. we love you SOBRAH!


this one i wrote long, long time ago and pulled it from my multiply account;

my heart, beats.
it beats, for you.
my heart, it beats
this minute, this second.
it beats for you 'till the end.

my heart, seeks for you
it seeks your voice,
it seeks for your embrace.
my heart, beats.
it beats faster when you're around.

no worries, no fears
no foes, they all fade.
wipe away your tears, my love
because my heart beats.
my heart rest in you.


  1. Happy Birthday to your husband! What a beautiful tribute to him. I love those pictures!

  2. So sweet! Happy Birthday to your hubby! xo



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