still life. weekend

little girl and i had a pretty weekend. i mean, if it involves napping, meeting friends and shopping it's already a pretty weekend in my book. heck, even if it's just napping alone i'm already happy. i'm nocturnal so daytime sleep is pretty big deal tom. :)

enough about sleep. here's the photo of our weekend. (isn't it what you're here for?)


we were at my friend's house for most of saturday, i cooked carbonara for her baby shower. indigo and i meet baby pixie again. bottom right photo is lovingly grabbed from tita jhoe's ig account. messy hair and sweaty face, sorry about that. 

sunday (or my happy day because after weeks of nap strike the little monster finally napped). 

nap time = happiness for this mama ;p | nap time = me time = time to read. | post nap photo op but the little monster is not up for it. | playtime. pizza anyone? 

grocery shopping | with the cousin | a sinful gift from a good friend and a sinfully good one if i may add. my thigh is not happy at all. | the grandfather sleeps and watch the little one while i cooked pasta, shower and prepare some stuff for another fun day tomorrow. this picture melts my heart. 

that was our weekend, how was yours? 

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  1. DEF a great weekend! Looks like you ladies had a blast :)

    Thanks for linking up, friend!

  2. My little one is currently giving up 1 of her 2 naps, not fun. lol I can relate!



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