still life. two and a half

yay! I can't even believe you're halfway to your 3rd birthday, little girl. two and a half feels so old yet still so young. Old in a since that you talk like a big girl now. I can have proper conversation with you and all. Young in a since that you still need me to change your clothes, give you a bath, or you still need me at your sides. 

here you are, early morning and asking me to watch little mermaid. of course I'm happy to oblige because let's face it, it's the easiest distractions if I need to get something done. 

I savor.

I yearn to be free enough to
spend all the time in the world
with the people I love, before they 
grow up, grow old. 
                      -Alice, from between ourselves: letters between mothers & daughters

and because it's always fun to look back, here you are at 2 years old...

at 18 months...

at 12 months...

and at 6 months.

image of you at 6 and 12 months is by tita jhoe


  1. Awww! I loved looking back at her old photos. She's adorable.

  2. Oh my, I love the look back. She is just too cute. I also love the new design! It looks so fabulous!! It's crazy to think how quickly three years goes by, isn't it? I still look at my 3 year old and see the tiny baby staring back! ;)

  3. She has always been sassy! Love it!



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