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pardon for the sporadic post as of late, as some of you may know i'm the most easily distracted person.

as soon as i finished reading the book gone girl i started reading this book right away.

but in between reading this i also started watching downton abbey.

at first i could juggle both (take note i only did either if the little one is sleeping/napping). but then i really get hooked with downton abbey that i forget or no time to read. downton abbey for the win! haha

so i finished downton abbey (except the special episode) and i give girls (another series, i know) another chance but then i get bored with the series and went back to reading again. over in facebook i got a lot invites for candy crush games, of course i caved in and downloaded the apps. 

as i've said i easily get distracted, so goodbye reading again and hello candy crush. oh, another thing you don't know about me. i easily get disappointed, after many attempts and failing level 29 i deleted the apps. but it seems i'm already addicted to it that i can see candy crush even when i close my eyes (seriously) i downloaded it again only to delete it again. you wanna know how many times i deleted and downloading that stupid, time consuming apps? 4 times, 4 effing times! hahaha 

when i deleted candy crush i went back to reading room again. luckily i'm on the last 150 pages of the book! yay! if you haven't read this book i recommend you start reading it, so good. i like it more than gone girl. i think my perspective towards the book is different because i'm a mother too. and i don't think i can survive 7 years being locked up in a room! 

anyway, my time now is spent taking care of an active toddler and on my me time i watch a gazillion tv series, reading, and playing candy crush. i'm so interesting, thank you very much! 

a more randome pictures happening the last 2 weeks or i think some a month ago.

*notice on both collage there's always a picture of the little girl running. so help me god. 
*i think this post best describes the phrase, you want random? i'll give you random. hahaha 
*update: i've completed level 35 of candy crush it took me 3x times, unlike level 29 that took me a hundred times (not really)!

happy hump day. can't wait for the weekend to come. 

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  1. Downtown Abbey did it to me too! I became a hermit while I watched the entire third season during a weekend!



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