in a word. little letter

my indigo,

i miss you. SOBRAH. this may sound weird since i see you everyday but because since monday or since i started my work training it seems that i'm seeing you less. me being up all night and asleep during day. but you know what? i'm still thankful it's a home based work at least i can peek you in the room from time to time and slept with you during my 1 hour break.

today was a beautiful day, despite of my lack of sleep. we wandered outside to play and to chase mother goat and baby goat but instead of chasing them we picked some flowers and saw a heart shape leaf which by the way you screamed right the moment you saw it, "heart, meme".

to say that i love being around with you is understatement but really i do. you showed me small things that i rarely noticed like that heart shape leaf. and you showed me the happiness on little things like playing and pretending you're a fairy. you know what, litol girl? i do believe in fairy because i have you. you, my litol one is my sprite. 

i love you to the moon and back. 

with heart,


  1. This sounds so tough Jeands! Hang in there. She is such a sweetie pie. Loved this sweet post. xo

  2. Such a sweet letter. Hang in there.



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