still life. #throwback

if you're an IG (i'm jeandslq, follow me) user you're familiar with this hashtag. anyway, this photo is my phone's wallpaper and early today while little girl is playing my phone she asked/told me some random and funny things..

indi: where's daddy, me? (referring to the photo)
meme: daddy is taking the picture.
indi: why are you not looking daddy, me? (means I'm not looking at the camera)
meme: because I was looking at you.
indi: why?
meme: because you're so adorable!
indi: aw... why indi put hands face? (following the picture)
meme: that's your funny pose. you're so fascinated with the whole picture taking. and you really have a good mood in this photo since you just woke up from your nap when this photo is taken.
indi: aw... cute Indi, me noh? cute jud au!!! pretty too! 

Oh, little girl... really you are so adorable and the little things you said are so hilarious that I find myself recalling those things at the end of the day. 

It's so ironic and funny how many times at day time I count the hours 'till bed time but once you're asleep I kinda miss you. And then I wish you're awake again so we can have our little conversation.


I didn't teach my daughter to be vain or narcissistic like to tell herself she's pretty and cute. though, I tell her that she's pretty and cute but not much that it's what we think is important. I'm pretty sure she got all this appreciation or she was able to said it to herself because she heard it a lot, not from me but from other people around us. Like sales lady from the mall, security guards, the cashier girls, or random strangers that will stop her just to tell her she's pretty and cute. But on a positive note I think it's good that at her early age she has this kind of confidence in herself. right? 


  1. aw she's such a little character! I bet she's a million times more adorable in person, too :

    I'm now following you on IG!

  2. Ha ha she is full of personality! :)



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