still life. 33/52

good night two. sweet dreams, my litol girl tomorrow you'll be three! 

3 years old! wow, i can't even begin to tell you how much your presence means to us. daddy and meme love you sobrah, litol girl. happy birthday 

"when I have said my evening prayer, 
and my clothes are folded on my chair,
mama and papa switch off the light,
i'll still be two years old tonight.

but from the very break of the day,
before the children rise and play, 
before the darkness turns gold,
tomorrow i'll be three years old... 
three kisses when i wake,
three candles on my cake.

a good night kiss for the two year old
to send her to sleep and to dreaming.
and blessings to the three year old 
who'll climb out of bed in the morning."

                                  -birthday book 

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