Breaking the mundane things

I literally fell in love when I first saw Kotex Luxe pads! And believe me my heart literally leap when I saw it on the shelves of Guardian. I mean, how cool is that having a printed pads!

I know this post is quite late and I'm quite late for gibbering about this because this luxe pad has been in the market for months now. But hey dude, I just give birth you know and I'm just starting to have monthly periods again. So I guess that's pretty forgiving.

Thank you so much Kimberly-Clark for vamping and glamour-ing up the sanitary napkins, this is genius! You made a anti plain and all for colorful printed person happy. Now, monthly periods doesn't have to be boring anymore!

Monthly periods? Bring it on, I'm stacking up Kotex Luxe pads.

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