Books for my Soul

I just finished reading the Queen of Dreams and currently anticipating on which book to start next. Hmmm...

I just love reading but I prefer reading books or magazines. I can't stand ebooks and audio books! Reading gives me the pleasure of travelling sans the airfare. It inspires me and gives me fresh ideas. And i couldn't wait to introduce my daughter to the wonders of reading. I think it's important for someone to read and to learn something new through reading. 

I would like to quote what Adele said on her blog"Everybody should have an opportunity learn to read." 

What I appreciate living in this country is they have a lot of book sales as in crazy book sales! I hoard my books here mostly during book sales where I can buy it for only $2!!! Crazy sale it is. 

'naf talking, time to turn that pages and smell that heavenly scent of paperback.
What are you reading?

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