Queen of Dreams

I'm currently reading Queen of Dreams by Chitra Divakaruni. I'm on the last chapter.

Just want to share few lines that shaken my world while reading it.

(From The Dream Journal (last 2 chapter of the book))

"And so I attempt these journals, for the written word is different from the spoken. The spoken word vanishes, frost in sunshine. The written word endures, it's black frieze like ironwork in palace windows. But I am hampered by my lack of craft. Thoughts rush through me and disappear, memories. I can express only a fraction of what I feel. The rest is lost, like spores scattered by wind. I do not read over the fragments I've written. I'm afraid I will tear them up. 

I write this for you, husband, child to read when I'm gone. Perhaps you will be baffled by my ramblings. Perhaps you will hate me for my confessions. Perhaps you will understand a little of what I could never explain: who I was and why, what gods haunted my dreams, and what serpents."

-Queen of Dreams

Maybe that's why I try to write as well, because I want to remember everything. 

I'm sad that I'm about to finish the book, it's a good read. 

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