Sweet Child of Mine

Her first word is "mama" when she's just barely 6 months old. I was in heaven hearing that.
But for these past 2 days she had my heart skip a beat, why wouldn't she? First, when she wake up from her morning nap yesterday we had a little bed fight/play and next thing I know she dive in me and kiss all over my face. This may not be a good quality photo but I will forever keep this.

Second, I put her on her walker this afternoon while I squat on the floor to rest she walk towards me with a smile on her face and kept on saying, mama mama mama then when she's near me she grabbed my shirt pulled it towards her and kissed me 2 times!!! True story.

Awww... what have I done to deserve such a sweet baby like mine? I will never get tired of her kisses. Never mind if I'm covered with her saliva after. On days like these I'm thankful I ditched my job and just be with her full time.

Tababski love, please never get tired of kissing mommy. Please stay as sweet as you are. And please don't grow up too fast.

1 comment:

  1. Awww that is too sweet...hold that little girl tight so she doesn't grow up too fast!



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