I dance to my own boom boom

These photo was taken about two years ago where I was out clubbing with my party animal partner. I was not really a clubbing type of person but it just hit me this afternoon that I was never out like this anymore, as I said the photos was still 2 years ago. It seems like a claustrophobic feeling. Since I had my daughter I suddenly longed to be irresponsible sometimes and to be carefree again. Not that I was even carefree back then, everything seem so different with my life now. Gone are the days of randomly having a Girls Night Out. Right now my day is planned out and even just grabbing a wet tissue on the nearby grocery shop takes a lot of energy and preparation. 

Not that I'm saying the fun times are over because true story is me and the husband never had so much fun in our lives 'till this litol girl arrive. So what if I was never out clubbing again I can still have a party of my own and dance insanely. In fact the party animal in me was unleashed this afternoon. I went out partying with my girl and we danced together like mad. Never mind if it wasn't a Night out, never mind if it was just in the comfort of our room with youtube and itunes provides as our music and there was no vodka on hand just a 1 year old girl on my hip. And to be honest that's just wonderful in my book. 

Being and trying to be a good mother is my boom boom now and I'm booty shaking it, baby.

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  1. I used to go out all of the time when I was single/childless and now that I stay at home with my little one almost all the time, I can't imagine my life any other way. I don't miss the "old" stuff I used to do at all.



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