Soundtrack of my

This is the soundtrack of my life now.

I don't know about you if it's appropriate but I like the dancing beat of this song compared to the other Time of my life version out there. And as the lyrics goes...
"I have the time of my life and I owe it all to you..."
And here's a screen shot of a video of me and my girl "partying".
True story is, regardless of what I have been missing out there I have the most awesome days of my entire life with my daughter around. Despite the tantrums, sleepless nights, diaper changes. It only took one glance over in my girl's direction to remind myself just how good life is. Edit: If only my girl will sleep longer and the husband will turn off that damn alarm clock of him my life would be perfect! ;p
Oh motherhood. 
How ironic it is that a little 8 kilo munchkin could steal your heart and changes you. 
Yes, I may like BEP way back their Where is the Love days. 

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