Life through Josephine Sicad Photography

If you're a frequent reader in my blog you would see a lot of photos of us taken by my thriving photographer friend, Jhoe. Can you believe she's only 2 years shy with this photography thing? Sure she did come a long way with her two years.

I'm lucky to have met her and to be her friend because I have an instant, fab, and FREE photos, mwahahahaha!!!! Seriously, if I have one thing to thank God that would be giving or having Jhoe in our life. She has given my family a wonderful and lifetime gift, through her talent. Photographing/ documenting some of the most important events in my life. Isn't she gorgeous? I know, I'm lucky. And one day my little bubba will see all these photos.

Jhoe, thank you so much for capturing us, always. For never charging us even you're quite THE Josephine Sicad here in SG. And I hope that you will continue NEVER charging us. Ha Ha Ha!!!

Let me not bore you with all this drama, let us just see some of the photos I'm talking about, shall we?

Now, scroll down...

My 28th birthday photo shoot. I kid you not, it was like I'm celebrating my 18th birthday! 

Our post nup pictorial celebrating 2nd wedding anniversary.

Baby bump photo shoot.

6 months photo shoot.

and the 1st birthday photo shoot (I know I'm one month late for showing this photos).

As always, thank you so much Tita Jhoe for these. And for play dates with Tababski, for watching (rescuing) her out when I need to do some "personal" stuff in the bath. Really, you make my life so much easier. ;) Good luck and be it known that I am or we'll be happy wherever this talent leads you. To Rome!!! He! He! He


  1. These pics are all excellent! Yes you sure are lucky to have such a great photographer as a friend!

  2. How fun to have a photo shoot for 28! I love the tutu pictures with balloons so fun!

  3. Such great pictures! I wish I would have more professional pics of our family throughout the years.

  4. awwww... *sniff* thanks muchos for all the support ateh! know too that im always happy to be capturing part of your lives until i can't click on the shutter anymore... that means till we shall all grow old hahahaha :) *hugsssss tight!*



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