Steal Her Style

I recently watched GG Season 5 and I looove Blake Lively's clothes especially her accessories- the big/chunky and colorful accessories made my mouth salivate. True story.
Anyway, while the little bubba is napping I played with Polyvore and took inspiration of Blake's (yes, we're first name basis) clothes. Obviously, I'm loving wide leg or Palazzo pants than the maxi skirt. And that "weird" toy she's carrying freak me out, I changed it to a clutch instead. And since I'm not really a rubber slipper person I changed it to a thong sandal. I opted for a basic white tank (Blake's tank has some pattern on the chest part) so as not to make it OTT with the studded vest. The necklace is what I mostly love, I am really a sucker for accessories and if you know me too well I can't go out of the house without a single accessory in my body.
Why I choose this look? Because so far on the new episode of GG and what Blake has been wearing this is the most "child friendly" look. Of course, let's be realistic here I am a mother and I have a toddler in tow most of the time. Ahhh... that clutch most likely will be dumped on the BIG diaper bag. Tsk... tsk... tsk... failed look. Whatevs.


  1. That does look comfy though for chasing down a toddler!

  2. wehehehe can you style me up one of these days ateh, coz i wanna take a new profile look for my website hahaha =)



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