Bits and Pieces of our Week

A peek of what our week looks like. This week has been a whirlwind, the highlight was our quick and short sojourn to the nearby beach. Though the place disappoint me (buffet breakfast included, which I may I say made me want to cry while I was out there eating. I mean, common I'm a sucker for breakfast food and the not so morning person in me will just wake up for buffet breakfast and then the food were total disappointment. Makes me depressed, really). Anyway, to console myself I had fruit cocktail and fried ice cream for lunch. And I wasn't there for the buffet breakfast after all. What is important that my little family is there and enjoying ourselves.  Though the R&R thing didn't happen, did I have amnesia for even thinking that I'll get some R&R (I did get a full body massage though, so YAY!)? Reality is when you have a toddler in tow having some R&R is next to impossible but then who needs one when you're already entertained by your toddler. Oh, motherhood.

I appreciate that the little girl is in the stage that she already knows what she wants and a ride with Barney included. I appreciate that I have $1 coin on that moment to give her what she likes.

I appreciate the moment like this when she's all covered with cookie crumble she is still painfully cute. And the moment that she still needs me to clean her up.

I appreciate the days I get to spend with her, to teach her that there is joy in crayons and coloring book. That no matter how messy her coloring skill is, it is still the best art piece a mother ever laid her eyes on. 

I appreciate this little girl who makes me appreciate the small things in my surrounding. I appreciate for the detour and made you discover a new place.

I appreciate  that my hands provide the steadiness she is needing, I appreciate that as little as my fingers is all she needs to feel secure.

I appreciate the blessings of motherhood. The chance to be a mother, the lessons I'm learning being a mother to this child. And the chance to be this painfully happy.

I appreciate for room service so the husband and I can at least have and enjoy our cocktail while watching our little girl sleeps. 

I appreciate that sometimes it is only me that she needs, making my leg as her pillow. I cherish the moment like this because they will never last long.
*sorry for the quality of the photo it is taken from my old phone with VGA camera and with minimal lighting.

I appreciate the beauty of skyscraper. I appreciate that I was given the chance to see many different skyscraper, in any height and in any design.

I appreciate the sunrise, a promise of new beginning. A new day to live by, a new day to...

live my life with these two. I appreciate life crazy it may have been because I have these two souls who made it sane or maybe crazier at times but whatever it is I am in my happiest having them. 

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  1. I'm glad I came to your blog. It was the picture of the sunrise that caught my eye. You are so cute and I love how you love motherhood and your family. It is such a special calling and such a special time. Like you said, it won't last long. You will always be mother to your kids. My daughters are both grown and living their own lives, but my husband and I am blessed to be able to live close to the one who is married and we can travel to see the other one in Oregon. We get together as often as we can. I was just starting to write down my blessings as they come to mind. I see your "appreciations" as blessings. You are so blessed. Thanks for sharing your crazy and happy life. God bless.

  2. What a great post and such great pictures! Your family is just gorgeous.



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