Wedding Planning

I'm getting married!!! Yes, in 15 days I'm getting married, only that was 4 years ago. Booo!!! Thanks to Pinterest I'm having the hype of wedding planning again and since my wedding anniversary is coming (yes, in 15 days) I couldn't find a more perfect timing to reminisce the fun and stressful that is wedding planning.

This post will show you how busy I am, with life, being a wife, a mother to a teething toddler that I still have time for this kind of nonsense. But really, it is so much fun and therapeutic for me to be doing this. Please don't tell me to stop.

If only I'm getting married this year I or we will finally have our dream wedding inspiration, an Indian inspired wedding. I don't know when or how it started my penchant for anything Indian. Maybe from an old movie I saw long, long time ago? I don't know. But as far as I can remember I'm fascinated with anything Indian so having an Indian inspired wedding will never be a surprise. One day. Maybe for our renewal of vows? Who knows.

As for now, this post quench my thirst for planning a wedding again and an Indian inspired wedding that is.

The wedding inspiration board.

image source: pinterest and google images. Please click image to enlarge. ;)

P. S.
If you're not in Pinterest yet I advice you not to cave-in, it's time munching (ever wonder why I'm not in FB, twitter lately?). But then if you don't you're missing half of your life (kidding but somewhere near to reality). And if you're already in and we will be in then follow me. ;)

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