Life lately in pictures

It has been a crazy week weather wise, it has been raining everyday so most of the time the little girl and I are confined inside the house. And you mommies knows that it's not fun when you have an active toddler.

So, the highlights of our weeks...

trying to do some crafting while the little munchkin is taking a nap, my way of fighting not to sleep with her. But in the end I nap with her too. 

my breakfast lately, mixed fruits and a glass of soy milk. 

My little reader. One activity we love to do while indoor, aside from dancing of course.

Seriously girlfriend, how can you make such mess???

I envy the closeness she shared with Mr. Rabbid, look at how they sleep together, always at each others side if not in each others back.

We played dress up too. Dressing as if it's fall and wearing her kimono and pretend we are in Japan. 

These photos pretty sums up what we have in our sleeves this week. How was your lovelies? Happy weekend. 

Playing up here,

life rearranged



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