Reflection...I need it once in awhile, right?

While I was out in the mall, pushing the stroller, and amidst the sea of weekend shopper on a pay day my thought wandered. And just out of the blue this thought hit me; "good thing comes to those who wait". As to what does it mean in my current situation, that I don't know. Maybe the BIG guy above send that message to me?

Then, it happened again. Different quote and in different situation. I opened my best friend and the first thing I saw on my screen was this;

I've stumbled this verse before in someone's blog post before but I forget to copy it and I was trying for months now to try to find it but always failed. I never even realize that this is the particular verse I was trying to find for so long now 'till I'm typing this post. This verse is just so rich and maybe for me? When I first read this verse I felt some attachment to it (if there's such a thing). Seriously God, you really knows when to hit me and send me messages even in the most mundane, random situation. 

Live, laugh, and love weekend darlings. 

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  1. I'm a firm believer too, that good things do come to those who wait.



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