Tababski's Room

No wardrobe set for me this time, instead I'm creating a design board for my little girl's room. None of that princess-y theme room. And none of that all pink room from paint down to the pillow, yikes! For this room I'm imagining an all white room with one part of the room painted in a chalkboard paint? Y'know for her to doodle (I see an artist in her at her shy age of one). *insert: I don't intend to make a room for her and paint it with purple/indigo/lilac/lavender/violet/periwinkle as maybe expected by everyone (since we named her Indigo). I am less boring than that people, I have imagination too, thank you very much. And I'm afraid that if I'll surround her with the same family color as her name she might go mad.
Though in real life (if one day I'm building a room for my little one) I want her to have a day bed but when I saw this iron+vintage look+just a soft pink it was a love at first sight. If only someone can create this for me. Another thing that caught my breath away in this set is the dresser, don't you just love it? It's in the most perfect shade of pink. And the distressed look of it makes it so perfect. I'm making a mental note to have a ruffle curtain made, it makes the room so much fun.
This is a baby's room, right? So expect the clutter, toys and books everywhere.

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